Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Surfworks racks better than other racks?

Surfworks racks are manufactured in the USA, using only the best materials available. Our patent pending design blows the competition out of the water. We formulated a system that works for securely storing boards of any size. We manufacture racks for some of the worlds most discerning board makers and now make available that same style and quality online here at SURFWORKSUSA.

How do the wall racks adjust?

The Wall Rack arms can be inserted in either a level position to display the board laying flat and level or the arm can be inserted in an up angle position allowing the board to rest slightly tilted allowing the bottom or deck to be visible. The arm securely snaps into the wall upright using our squeeze and snap fittings.

How do the wall racks mount to my wall?

Surfworks Wall Racks can be securely mounted to almost any wall using the provided hardware. Simply locate a wall stud and screw in the vertical upright supports and snap in the adjustable arms in your desired upright or level position. We recommend using a mounting system such as lag bolt or sheet metal screws when mounting on surfaces other than traditional drywall construction. Contact us for any special mounting application. You may also refer to your installation instruction sheet enclosed with every rack.

Vrack vs. Wall Rack- which should I use?

The V-Stand works well in limited spaces or when wall space is at a premium. The V-Stand holds boards in an upright position making them easy to remove and replace. Used in surf shops around the globe - along with our custom wall racks - the choice is yours - it's just a matter of preference. Many customers like having a Wall Rack for the quiver of not so often used boards and a V-Stand for the daily habit.

What is your warranty?

We want you to be completely satisfied and stoked with our Surfworks products. Therefore if for any reason – you are not fully satisfied with any of the Surfworks USA products simply return them to our service center. Shipping paid and we will refund or replace them whichever you prefer for a period of 90 Days.