About Surfworks® USA

Welcome to the original Surfworks® USA


We took a hard look at how board racks were being made, and found they were either flat or angled, weak, flimsy wood posts with plumbing foam, sticking out from a wall bracket. These racks were held in place with a couple of drywall screws which eventually came loose, subjecting the rack to eventual failure and causing varying degrees of board damage. This was NO GOOD!


We have a better idea. We took the obvious approach by “reverse engineering” our entire line of board supporting equipment. To accomplish this, we started at the board’s surfaces and contours,  the most critical aspects. With that starting point we formulated an all-weather, chemical resistant, soft and durable, one-piece board protecting, slide-on sleeve, over a thick wall, heavy duty square tube that safely supports the board. The square tube design offers a much wider contact area and a better storage platform.This proprietary arm and pad feature is standard on all SurfWorks USA support shapes. The arm connects to a strong steel (not aluminum) frame structure that is securely fastened to the wall’s surface and into existing framing (studs). We believe this to be the strongest, most durable board mounting system, by far.

Above all, we obtain NO MANUFACTURED MATERIALS from, nor do we support the sale of any items OFFSHORE to be used on our product line. The only OFFSHORE activity WE HIGHLY SUPPORT, begins whenever we get time for an undammaged board to hit the water, and for the chance to paddle out

We believe that’s what the ORIGINAL, GENUINE, AUTHENTIC, MADE ONSHORE™ VIBE is all about !


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