Surfboard Single Board Wall Rack


Surfworks® Wall Racks are built specifically for your Surfboard.Great for limited spaces and perfect for quick access to that frequently used board.  Classic Longboards can be displayed and even some not so long classics. Adjustable arms angled either flat or horizontal. Heavy duty screws, no pre-drilling required, with our thick specifically formulated protective padding. Original/Genuine/Authentic design.

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Surfworks racks and stands are far superior to our competitors. When designing our products, we started with the board’s surfaces and contours: the most critical aspect. With that as a starting point, we formulated a product line from an all-weather, chemical resistant, soft and durable, one-piece board protecting, slide-on sleeve over a thick walled, heavy duty square tube that safely supports the board. Our square tube design offers a much wider contact area and a better storage platform. We believe Surfworks racks and stands to be the strongest and most durable board mounting systems in the industry. NO PLASTIC, NO WOOD, NO PROBLEMS!

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 4 in